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Ten Party Favourites

The subtitle for this book reads: “Presentation notes for 10 classical magical effects for the family audience.”

They are taken directly from my personal working repertoire. For the most part, they are compete presentations, including the patter, exactly as I perform them.

Some will be familiar to you; some will be brand new. Most important, these presentations are all suitable for the family audience.

Some involve readily available dealer items, so methods are not included for those. For my original creations, I include all of the information necessary for you to make your own.

There are performance tips, setup tips, and many bits of business.

Here’s a rundown of the effects included:

Amex Opener - An update and simplification of a Ken McCready effect. This is a great opening effect for walk-around situations.

Scrambled Eggs - Card Warp is a classic close-up effect by Roy Walton. This is my complete comedy presentation.

The Whole Thing - This effect started out as a close-up packet effect. Daryl took it and made it a stand-up effect with jumbo cards. I took it one step further and added a punch line that changed everything. Special thanks to Daryl Martinez for allowing me to include most of his patter.

Torn and Restored Newspaper Tips - Thoughts and perfor-mance tips based on 25 years of experience with this Gene Anderson classic.

Comedy Egg Can - My complete presentation of this classic comedy effect.

Balloon Interlude - Simply called “Five Minutes With A Balloon”. Actually two balloons! And the volunteer ends up with a nice gift.

Vanishing Coke Bottle - A complete presentation of another classic.

Card Trick With No Cards - My complete presentation of a “lost” effect that appears to be attributed to the late Dr. Stanley Jaks.

Bagels and Locks - My complete presentation of this Collectors Workshop classic of the locked deck plot.

The Happy Birthday Card - An original effect that you can make up yourself. Although called The Happy Birthday Card, you’ll learn how to make this up and perform it for any holiday or special event.

5½x8½. 109 pages. Coil bound.

Ten complete presentations. All easy to do. All suitable for the family audience.

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