Six Steps To An Organic Presentation

My Lovely Assistants (April, 2012)

Don't be fooled by the title. This isn't just a book on memorization. It's also very much about how to make the script yours. You'll find information on scene analysis, subtext, improvisation and breath control.

If you're a speaking performer, this is a must-have.

Bryce Kuhlman

Magic Magazine (June, 2012)

If you choose to utilize what is explained what is explained in the pages of Learning Patter, you will find more comfort in front of an audience and be better prepared for anything that comes along in the unpredictable world of live entertainment. And at less than ten dollars, that comfort is a real bargain.

Farrell Dillon

M-U-M Magazine (January, 2014)

This sounds like a lot of material to cover in nineteen pages, and it is. The booklet is meant as an introduction to the subject, and to that extent it does a good job. Of particular usefulness are the four books suggested in the "Resources" section. For the newcomer looking to improve his presentation skills, Six Steps To An Organic Presentation will get you on the right track.

Michael Close

Sent via email

Thanks so much for sending your booklet. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Wonderful ideas for magicians and anyone who speaks in front of others. I hope it gets wide circulation.

Eugene Burger

User Feedback

I found Learning Patter by Ron Guttman to be most helpful in organizing material for a talk or patter for a presentation. It provides a quick overview of things you may have known but have forgotten and things you need to know.

It is a short book and, therefore, easy to read in one sitting. But in its 18 pages it nudges the reader along to review the key principles which speakers, performers and actors use to remember and deliver the goods.

I recommend it as a way to check you have reached an effortless style of delivery.

John McLachlan


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