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Artisan Magic Wand

Every magician needs a magic wand. And if you're a working pro, a simple plastic wand just won't do!

These wands are hand-made from solid wood: the bodies are cherry and the tips are maple. This gives the wand a look that is reminiscent of the traditional black and white wands.

Beautifully finished in a satin clear-coat, the natural wood grain pops, giving a wonderful look to this utility item.

Makes a wonderful gift for the magician or budding magician in your life!

These are the same wands given as gifts to visiting lecturers at Toronto's Ring 17 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians - The Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club.

Note: This is real wood; colour and grain pattern will vary from wand to wand. The colour shown in the photo is representative only and your wand will likely look different!

Artisan Magic Wand