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Ten Party Favourites

The subtitle for this book reads: “Presentation notes for 10 classical magical effects for the family audience.”

They are taken directly from my personal working repertoire. For the most part, they are compete presentations, including the patter, exactly as I perform them.

Some will be familiar to you; some will be brand new. Most important, these presentations are all suitable for the family audience.

Some involve readily available dealer items, so methods are not included for those. For my original creations, I include all of the information necessary for you to make your own.

There are performance tips, setup tips, and many bits of business.

But here is what Larry Hass had to say about this book:

Wow! This is an excellent book: great conception, great material … The book is full of the clear, practical detailed thinking I have come to know in you.”

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Learning Patter

This booklet was originally written for magicians as a guide to the organic process of learning patter and presenting routines. It turned out to be much more than that. Learning Patter is useful to anyone required to learn a presentation and speak in front of an audience: entertainers, actors, executives, even students.

This insightful manuscript discusses the entire learning process: from unfamiliar text to body memory.

A recent reader was brand new to the world of working in front of a live audience. He was preparing a storytelling presentation and found the material invaluable. In his words, “Your lessons put some real life into my presentation!”

And this from a prominent Toronto acting coach: “A valuable resource, even for actors!”

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