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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ron Guttman

The products contained on this site were cultivated in my fertile and creative mind. Some were derived from my interests in woodworking and model building. Others were compiled from my experiences as a travelling consultant, speaker, trainer and entertainer — necessity being the mother of invention.

The tricks and magic effects are all from my working repertoire. As I have always been an actor and storyteller at heart, all of the effects come with complete presentations, yes, that’s plural. You’ll learn more than one way to perform each effect.

What are your shipping charges?

All prices shown on this web site include shipping and handling. That is why there are three regional prices shown. Most items are sent via first class mail or air mail.

Should you need special handling for any item, drop us an email and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Just a note about the back-office process; it’s all handled by PayPal, so it will all be familiar and secure.

So what’s with the drop-down box above the “Add to Cart” button?

As shipping charges are built into our pricing, we need to know where the item is being shipped so that you are charged the correct price.

There are no surprise charges when you get to checkout. Simply click the on the appropriate destination and then click the Add to Cart button.

How about sales tax?

Orders placed from a Canadian address will have GST included or HST added. Let me explain.

Books are exempt from PST and the provincial portion of the HST. So books have the GST built into the price.

For non-book items, the appropriate rate of HSTwill be determined by the shipping address you provide.

There is no sales tax on shipments outside of Canada.

Just who is Black Derby Entertainment?

Your invoice, PayPal notification, and shipping label will all read Black Derby Entertainment. That is the management, production company, and back office for Ron Guttman Magic.

Your credit card or bank statement will read either:

Returns Policy

Magic, by its very nature, is one of secrets. Magic items are not returnable. Period.

We do, however, try to pack everything we ship out in a manner that will virtually guarantee safe arrival. But it can be a rather torturous journey to some destinations, so if you receive your order in a damaged state, just let us know and we’ll make it right.

Shipping Status

Unless otherwise noted, all items are in stock and will ship within 24 hours.

Occasionally, when we are on the road for an extended period, we will post the Shipping Delay image, as shown on the right, on our home page. Click on the image for information about when shipments will resume!

Should an unanticipated delay occur, you will be advised by email.

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