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Double-Blank Cards

If you perform any kind of effect that requires writing on card stock and some sleight-of-hand manipulation, then these are the cards for you to use.

One of my favourite routines is a Mental Epic style effect that is performed in the hands with no large board. The writing goes on both sides of the card and in the end are displayed in cocktail glasses or wine goblets.

For a long time, I cut my cards from Bristol board. They were always a bit uneven making the handling a little challenging. Now you can have the benefit of a precision cut card that is just the right size: they are cut to the exact same size as poker-size playing cards, without the high cost of regular cards!

Box of 52 - packed flat so as to ship at regular postal rates.

Bulk Pack - Box of 500

Double-Blank Cards
Double-Blank Cards (Bulk)