Books, tricks and supplies for the working entertainer

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Pentacles Plus

The performer shows a plain and obviously un-gimmicked sheet of newspaper. Following a series of quick folds and two straight cuts, a perfectly formed double-cut star is produced.

The methods taught allow for the production of either a pentagram or a Star of David and the stars may be produced in either a positive or photographic negative style.

Totally revised and expanded second edition includes a new impromptu method, as well as performance tips.

5½x8½. 36 pages. Saddle stitched.

Six Steps To An Organic Presentation

This booklet was originally written for magicians as a guide to the organic process of learning patter and presenting routines. It turned out to be much more than that and is useful to anyone required to learn a presentation and speak in front of an audience.

As a classically trained working actor I am constantly called upon to learn scripts and bring life to unfamiliar text. As a working magician, I do this every time I prepare a new effect.

This insightful manuscript discusses the entire learning process: from unfamiliar text to body memory.

A recent reader who was brand new to the world of working in front of a live audience found the material invaluable. In his words, “Your lessons put some real life into my presentation!”

And this from a prominent Toronto acting coach: “A valuable resource, even for actors!”

5½x8½. 18 pages. Saddle stitched.


Every traveling entertainer has run into problems along the way: booking the performance, packing the car, getting to the show or just getting the job done.

This is a collection of time-tested solutions to problems you may not even know you have.

5½x8½. 60 pages. Saddle-stitched.

Ten Party Favourites

Prepared as lecture notes, this book turned out to be more; a lot more!

Included in the 109-pages are complete, family-friendly presentations for ten classics of magic, all with my unique take on performance.

The keyword here is presentation. These notes include every word of my presentations, as performed regularly, in front of live audiences.

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Pigeon Holes

Do you perform your act out of a nightclub or suitcase table, or even just a suitcase? Are your props merely tossed into a bag or box? Do you have trouble finding the right prop during your act because the inside of your prop case looks like the city dump? Have you lost props because they weren’t put away properly after a show?

Are you simply looking to get some other aspect of your life organized, something that may have to do with a lot of smaller items?

Then this manuscript may just be the answer!

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